Oshare Curry - Your Visual Asia Community (osharecurry) wrote in deanime,
Oshare Curry - Your Visual Asia Community

Random! Visual Asia Geeks Wanted!

   Hey there delaware anime fans!  i'm reiko from oshare curry and i just wanted everyone to be invited to come read our blog that's now crossposted regularly to livejournal.  Don't worry, if you dont see updates from too much of the anime end of things, you can always yell at us and tell us we need more - OR you could volunteer to write for us!

There's always a human behind this account - so don't ever worry about that! :) Today just happened to be Reiko ( reikoxmizuno ) who is actually in your community :)

Here's what we've been saying to other communities:
 We're a predominant visual asia blog and community... and uhm.. yea :) we're looking for friends!
We like long walks on the beach .. and iced tea in the summer (KIDDING!) 
This is the journal to add, it's got crossposting from our blog and sometimes has silly filler posts we dont wanna put on our main page :P

(taken from one of our silliest add me posts!)

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