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The Sexy but Brilliant Scientist Elf

DAS 6th Annual Halloween Minicon: 10/24/09, Wilmington, DE!

What: DAS 6th Annual Halloween Minicon (Potluck)
When: 10/24/09,12-4 PM
Where: Brandywine Hundred Library, 1300 Foulk Road , Wilmington, DE 19803

  $5 admission with a main dish that can FEED AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE.
Some examples are: precooked hot dogs or hamburgers with buns, chicken,
chili, sloppy joes,meatballs, tuna casserole, etc.

$7 admission with a dessert or side dish that can FEED AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE.
Some examples are: Brownies, baked beans, dip with chips, potato salad, a cake,
a large pie, cupcakes, etc.

$10 if you bring nothing but your sparkling personality and witty repartee.

Activities Include:
Video Gaming (BlazBlue) & Card Tournaments (Extreme UNO) for Prizes!
Horror Anime & Live Action Video Showings
Video Gaming Free Play
Cosplay/Costume Competition for Prizes!
Raffle  for Asian candy, plushies, DVDs and more!
Anime Name that Tune and  Anime Trivia...and more! 

Questions? Email us at dasmomo at gmail dot com

Here is a link to some standard potluck food safety guidelines.

Tags: halloween, minicon, potluck, wilmington
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