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3 Questions to Japan: December 2005

Our Japanese penpal wrote us back!! Here's his interesting info:

3 Questions from the DAS to Mikikazu: December 2005

1. What is the most popular anime in Japan right now and why?

TV Ratings(Top 10 Broadcast anime shows among all ages in Kanto area for the week of Dec 5 - Dec 12, 2005) Source:Video Research Ltd.

1.'Sazae-san'(12/11) 19.1%

2.'Chibi Maruko-chan'(12/11) 13.3%

3.'Crayon Shin-chan'(12/9) 11.4%

4.'Doraemon'(12/9) 11.1%

5.'Meitantei Conan:Case Closed'(12/5) 10.8%

6.'ONE PIECE'(12/11) 10.0%

7.'Black Jack'(12/5) 8.5%

8.'Manga Nihon Mukashi Banashi:Cartoon Tales of Old Japan'(12/7) 8.3%

9.'The Snow Queen'(12/11) 8.1%

10.'Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (12/11) 6.8%

Anime DVD Sales (for the day of Dec 12.)Source:Oricon Inc.

1.'Howl's Moving Castle'

2.'Meitantei Conan: Suiheisenjyou no Sutorateeji ''Detective Conan: Strategy Above the Depths'

3.'GUNxSWORD' Vol.3

4.'DragonBall Z' Vol.5

5.'DragonBall Z' Vol.6

6.'DragonBall Z' Vol.4

7.'My Neighbor Totoro'

8.'Final Fantasy VII Advent Children'

9.'Ichigo 100%' DVD-BOX Vol.1

10.'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny' Vol.10

Anime-magazine 'NEWTYPE' readers' poll(Dec.2005)

1.'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny'

2.'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed'

3.'Neon Genesis Evangelion'

4.'Eureka 7'




8.'Kyo Kara Maoh!'

9.'Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam'

10.'Tsubasa Chronicle'

Most reviewed title by anime fan sites(Nov 15,2005).Source:Mikimomo Anime Station



3.'Rozen Maiden: Träumend'


5.'Shyakunetsu no Shana'

6.'Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's'

7.'Eureka 7'

8.'Poniponi Dash!'

9.'Noein - Mou Hitori no Kimi e'

10.'Ginban Kaleidoscope'

Viewers' Opinions

" I would say the most watched anime is probably ONE PIECE.My personal favorite is Cowboy Bebop,though. (by Wanted)

"If you mean the popularity among amateurs,I think there is no blockbuster right now."(by Ocha-Yousei)

"Typical Anime fans' favorite may be either Gundam Seed or Full Metal Alchemist.But common people would prefer to ONE PIECE or NARUTO. (by Nichi)

"I think ARIA,Gundam Seed Destiny,BLEACH,and Pretty Cure Max Heart are the popular titles for the present time." (by Shimeji)

"Most popular titles among the general public are ONE PIECE,NARUTO,and BLEACH.Because they are so successful in both of anime and manga.And ordinary anime fans' favorite are Gundam Seed or Full Metal Alchemist.But more 'hard-core' fans support such mid-night airing titles as Mai-HiME,Rozen Maiden,and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha,which are so successful that they have the sequels airing now." (by Umisuika)

"I would say the most poplar is Full Metal Alchemist,even though the peak of popularity has gone already.My personal best is Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha." (by Masube)

"I think BLEACH is the best for all ages.Because its world,music,sword fighting,and storytelling style are so special.If you want more anthropocentric anime, I recommend Eureka 7. And if you want cute girls(bishoujo),Mai-Otome is the one." (by Runa Mikami)

"I work at a secondhand bookstore.BLEACH and Ueki no Housoku are always out of stock,which shows their huge popularity,I guess.And ONE PIECE and NARUTO are also well-sold." (by Ryo Tachibana)

"When I write articles about Negima! in my blog, the number of visitors always skyrockets." (by Ceena)

2. The Japanese musical group 'Move' just came to the
United States to do a live concert at an anime
convention called AnimeUSA (
How popular is Move in Japan?

"I don't know about the sales of CD and live tour,but I think M.O.V.E is such a group of middle standing.Not so on the top in the record company." (by Nichi)

"M.O.V.E is just one step further to so-called 'A-class'." (by Shimeji)

"I know them only because of 'Initial D' songs .But, just the name." (by Piponeko)

"Never heard of them." (by Tataki)

"Very sorry to say this,but M.O.V.E is not so popular in Japan anymore. I barely see them on TV these days." (by Runa Mikami)

"Your question notices me of M.O.V.E for the first time in my life." (by Jun Sasaki)

And who is the most popular Japanese and American artist in Japan right now?

CD Album Sales (for the day of Dec 19.)Source:Oricon Inc.

1.'LOVE COOK' (Ai Ohtsuka)

2.'BEST' (Mika Nakajima)

3.'Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95-'05' (Ken Hirai)

4.'B'z The Best "Pleasure II"' (B'z)

5.'Curtain Call: The Hits' (Eminem)

6.'BEST~first things~' (Kumi Koda)

7.'Hitiori-Asobi' (Koh Shibazaki)

8.'ALL TIME SUPER BEST'(Torayasu Hotei)

9.'Amarantine' (Enya)

10.'Amazing Grace' (Minako Honda)

Viewers' Opinions

"Maybe ORANGE RANGE?" (by Tataki)

"I think the most popular Japanese artist is Ken Hirai." (by Wanted)

"For teens,ORANGE RANGE is the one.But the older would listen to Ayumi Hamazaki or Hikaru Utada." (by Nichi)

"I agree that Ken Hirai is the most popular."(by Shimeji)

"I think Kumi Koda is the next big thing.She sings the main theme of Japanese version of FFX-2." (by Runa Mikami)

"B'z is the most popular,even though I don't like them at all." (by Jun Sasaki)

"I would say the most popular American artists in Japan are BON JOVI or Aerosmith.Because every time they come to Japan, their huge stadium tour are always sold out. (by Mikikazu)

3.How accepted is bootlegging (copied CDs, dvds and
other things) in Japan? Is it popular and/or legal to
download anime on the internet?

Viewers' Opinions

"We shouldn't accept any kind of illegal download." (by Wanted)

"Most Japanese may think downloading anime is illegal." (by Ocha-0Yousei)

"Perhaps some people download anime on the net,but they are very few.If you like anime,you may want the original,not illegal stuff." (by Nichi)

"Of course downloading anime is illegal.I hope American know that the price of anime DVD in Japan is usually as twice as in the U.S.So,Please buy them to help the anime industry."(by Shimeji)

"Illegal downloading is very few,I think. A part of reason is that we can watch and buy the newest anime easily in Japan."(by Piponeko)

"As common sense,most anime fans see downloading anime is illegal" (by Tataki)

"I have never heard that anyone download anime in Japan.Or just I don't know?" (by Runa Mikami)

"People who download anime illegally are always criticized severely in Japan when they are found out."(by Ichigen-san)

WOW! Mikikazu-san sure did his research. I can't wait for the next installment of questions to the USA from them!! :D Stay tuned.
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