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DAS 4th Annual Holiday Minicon Report

DAS Wilmington December Meeting (aka DAS 2008 Holiday Minicon Report)
No DAS Wilmington for December because of the DAS 4th Annual Holiday Minicon in Wilmington on 12/13.Stop on by!

Here's the report for the DAS 4th Annual Holiday Minicon that went on on 12/13.
As our yearly tradition, DAS members, friends and relatives gathered at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel for our annual Holiday Bash! Our game room was rocking, and very busy, including Wii Games :Samba de Amigo, Super Smash Brothers Brawl ,Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Sonic Unleashed and more!  Attendees faced off playing  PS2 DDR Supernova 2 and  XBox:Rockband Faceoff Mode. In the food room, we noshed on delicious Hibachi skewers of chicken and beef with sauces, and later, springrolls and chicken fingers plus cake and party platters from Giant Food when the food ran out the first time. What DAS Holiday Minicon would be complete without the Menorah Table courtesy members Bunny and Moko! Or, a visit from Santa Otaku aka our very own Joey Green, who was available for pics and conducted the Secret Santa. We had several takers for the karaoke including Mattie, Stan and Melissa. And, this year, Anime Name that Tune was NO HOLDS BARRED! Four teams packed the Woodlawn Room and the competition was fierce! We had Team Lovely Fortress, Team HTC, Team 7(NC17) and Team Nittle Grasper. In the end, Team Lovely Fortress smoked the other teams and won the grand prizes, Holiday Themed Prize bags and certificates! Congrats to Joe's Mom, Laurianne, Emma, Phil L., Rebecca J (Belldandy) and the other guy ( I can't remember your name, sorry!). Our cosplay was won by Jackie V for her Haruhi(Craftsmanship) and Rebecca J. for her Belldandy (Most Festive). Attendees also enjoyed playing various card games as well. The raffle was splendiferous as well and we had one of our younger ladies winning the $100 Gift Certificate to Gamestop! From the money we raised from the minicon, we were able to donate to the United Way of Delaware, the Toys for Tots  and buy two video games for the Child's Play Charity. After the minicon was over, several gathered at a local diner for some extra grub!  Thanks for another successful minicon!
Santa Otaku and Belldandy:
Team "Lovely Fortress":
Rest of the Pics:

See you on January 24, 2009 for a combined meeting and anime program!
Check out DAS Wilmington's Section of the DAS Homepage!:
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