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Halloween Flyer up!

I made a Halloween Party Flyer

Added to this screenshot was an asterisked phrase *This will be a drug and alcohol free party*. Don't want anybody to get the wrong ideas. AND I added the option that people can snail mail me the ticket money too. But I said 'email for the address'

I have also uploaded both the bloody font, and the actual flyer itself.
The flyer is here:

THe font is here:

In order to get the font to display properly in your comp ya need to install it, which is just unzipping the file and putting the contents of the zip file into your C:/windows/fonts folder or what have you. I'll try to whip up a scarier one later, but for now, feel free to distribute this one :)

**edits: Here we go:


GO D! hehe :D

I am also hoping that empressmish can whip up some smaller half page flyers, or contribute more to the pot of full pages too :)

Xposted to uofd_anime...or rather it will be once poeticsadness approves my last post because, until then, it says this: "Client error: Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached." It might just be easier to take the Uof D community off moderated post approval, and moderated comment approval until reason to do otherwise..b/c that way it'll save some time..imho.. ^^;;;
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